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About This Company

So far I have shared with you the highlights of my book, gave you everything you need to know about the industry we are in and the product we sell, I shared some info about myself and now I want to tell you about my company. I am sharing this information because I think it is important that you know everything you can about the product you are purchasing, the person you are dealing with and the company you are purchasing it from.


Although the concept of pay after deletion is fairly new the success I have been able to obtain for my customers has been fairly consistent throughout the years. I was like many companies, I employed the monthly payment model, I limited disputes, and it was my goal to sign people up for our service and keep them enrolled as long as possible. I didn’t really know what was happening on an individual customer basis. I never knew if a specific client was getting the results they were looking for.

Although I didn’t get a lot of complains I did get some, most of the complaints had to do with individual client results. The calls were almost always the same, They were from customers complaining that nothing was deleted from their reports, whenever I received one of these calls I performed a full audit on the customers file. I would go back to the very first report and compare it to the very latest report. In almost every case I was able to show the customer a detailed list of deletions we obtained.

When discussing the results with the client I realized a few problems, the first problem was that it was taking a very long time to review each file and give the customer an update, I also noticed that I did a very poor job at setting the proper expectations for the customer, the third item which was the most startling was that very few of the customers calling to complain actually reviewed the details of their credit report. They based our performance on the score they had. You see we were getting the results we expected but didn’t engage and communicate enough with the client.

I knew that in order to stay ahead I had to spend as little time on existing clients and keep trying to sign up new clients, I knew based on my numbers and industry averages that people who sign up on a monthly program will stay for an average of 7 months. If I wanted to grow I needed to focus on new business.

I was successful using this model but I grew tired of the complaint calls. I was doing a good job but nobody knew it, I also knew that of 10 people called me in a week to complain there was probably 20 more that didn’t call. I knew i had to do something.


As I was dealing with these customer service issues I was reading a book called “Blue Ocean Strategy”, the concept of the book was that in order to be successful you had to do something that your competition wasn’t doing and it had to be something your customer wanted. Around the same time I got an email from a search optimization company that offered their services on a “pay after results” basis. They would only charge me after they have gotten my website ranked on the first page of google.

WOW! , what a concept. For years I have been suspicious of SEO companies because none of them actually guaranteed their work and most said that they couldn’t control rankings. That plus the fact that they never seemed to rank for their own keywords always put me off as a customer.

It was after seeing this email and talking to the SEO company that I decided that the pay after deletion model just might work in this business.

I decided to put what i learned from the “Blue Ocean Strategy” into action and create a product I knew customers would want and one that was completely different than the industry offered.


When putting together this concept I had to consider everything a customer would want, I had to consider the workload involved, I had to consider upfront costs, I had to consider the risk of not getting paid, I had to consider everything.

Every decision I made had to take the customer into consideration, not only today but years into the future. You see I know this industry and I know the customer and what i was building had to take everything into account.


Many decisions I made will, on the surface, seem to favor the company however each and every decision that I made ultimately protects the integrity of the company and will ensure that we are around when our customers need us even if it is years from now.

Setup/First Work Fee – Many clients have questioned us about our initial fee, why we have it and why can’t they wait until they see results before having to pay it. I have thought of this in the beginning and many times since and ultimately come back to the same conclusion. There are people out there that need to be motivated to do something. A lot of people would sign up for free and ultimately not get us the paperwork we needed, some people will get us the paperwork but then won’t pay us for the initial results we obtained. The amount of time and effort I would need to work these people files would take away valuable time from the customers who are willing to invest a little bit of money to start. We also need to know that the bulk of our initial expenses are covered, otherwise we would go broker and not be able to properly service our paying clients.

Maximum Fees – Many clients have asked me to cap our fees, although on the surface this sounds like a good idea this can come back to bite us in the future. Imagine If I had a thousand clients throughout the years who have been capped out. Well we would be obligated to work on their files with no hope of generating income. A company not generating income for work performed may develop the tendency to provide bad service. I wanted to protect the long term integrity of the company and thus the long term trust of our customer base.

Years Of Service – We include 7 years of service to all of our clients. We do this because we know that no matter what we do there is a good chance of items returning sometime in the future. We wanted to remove all obstacles if and when a new items is added on. The last thing you want to do is pay a companies setup fee and then start paying monthly in hopes of getting one item deleted. We allow our clients to make a single phone call to get us started on the process again. No payment needed, payment will only be do if and when we delete the newly added item.

No Salespeople – I have worked with salespeople in the past, unfortunately human nature takes over and many salespeople exaggerate and/or stretch the truth in order to make a sale. If and when I hire any sales assistants they will be in charge of initial conversations and I will finalize the deal, they will also not be paid on a commission basis. I do not want customers mislead.

There have since been a few copycats to my pay after deletion program some of whom i know personally. They decided to do the opposite of what I have done, one has waived setup fees until the first round (they have a 90%+ non payment rate) Others have maxed out their fees (they are now complaining about dealing with customers getting free service) One of the people I know will even fire the customer once they feel like they got enough items off. to me this is terrible, imagine paying a thousand dollars then being told by the company that they can no longer help you, what good is a 50% improvement, Of course they all use salespeople as they want to grow fast and they are always dealing with he said she said scenarios.

I feel like I have created the safest environment for my customers, even though on the surface many customers wished i chose a different route.


This is a industry where customers can and are most times embarrassed  about their situation, expecting a testimonial is asking a lot. However not only do we have testimonials bet many of the testimonials have provided a way for you to contact them directly. If you go to our testimonials page on our website you will see several Q & A interviews I have done with various clients. these are not 30 seconds of someone saying Danny is Great!!, these are 7-10 minute interviews I conducted with live customers. These can’t be faked, if they were faked you would be able to tell within a few minutes.

More importantly I am most proud of testimonials I received from people on LinkedIn, Linked in a a social network similar to facebook but for businesses. many of my clients are on facebook and wer gracious enough to not only leave a testimonial but the fact that they left it on Linkedin allows anyone to go direct to the source and confirm what they said was true. These fine people have put a live connection in a public place so you can seek them out.


One decision I made early on was to make myself available to my customers, I wanted my customers to be able to see me in the real world. i didn’t want to hide behind a webpage or a phone number. On all my emails i show my facebook page as well as my linkedin page. These pages have both family and friends as well as customers. I have done this in an effort to show you that I am not going anywhere. I can easily change my phone number and put up a new website, but i would be hard pressed to erase my entire social media identity. I am here to stay and so is this company


As a company we know that in order to have a high credit score it will take more than deletions, it will take the adding of credit and once added that credit has to be managed properly. As a company it is my job to make sure you meet your financial goals. In order to do this it is up to me to not only deliver on obtaining deletions but also show you how to get new credit and then manage it. Our program included unlimited assistance in these areas. We want you to succeed

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