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People don’t do business with companies, we do business with people.

If you hire a company to work with you credit repair you will be required to share very personal and very private information with a total stranger in the hopes that they can improve your financial situation.

I have been warned and even scolded by various business and marketing people that people don’t care or want to know what I am about to share with you. I respectfully disagree. I think some people need to know who they are sharing some of your deepest secrets with.


I am a 48 year old happily married man. My wife Kim and I have been married 13 years. I have 2 grown children through previous marriages and a new grandson who’s 2 years old now. We have 3 toy poodles. Kim and I are Christians. We are a different breed of Christian than many are used to. We do not believe in shoving our faith down anyones throat, we do not judge people, we sin each and every day and expect nobody to ever be perfect. We are between churches as we hate church politics. I work from home and Kim takes care of me.

Kim is the adopted sister and aunt of a family we connected with when we tried our hand at foster care 8 years ago. We connected with this family when the mom had her 8th child, this child, Donnell, was put into our care when he was born. We retained custody of him for 7 months. In those 7 months my wife helped the mom obtain all the needed certificates/drug tests she needed in order to get her children back. Once the family was reunited we basically adopted them all. Mom now has 9 children and 1 grandchild. They have been in our lives for the last 6 years and we have fallen in love with all of them.

My job is to make Kim happy, a happy wife means a happy life. Like all families there are differences of opinion. We sometimes hate and disagree with how this mom raises her children, but…they are her kids and all we can do is be there when they need us. It is our hope that we can help the children grow up to be responsible men and women.

A couple of years ago Kim and I welcomed in another young lady into our home, her name is Lizbeth and she was 16 years old at the time. She came up to our door one day and asked if we would take her in, she wanted a family that would love her and set rules and boundaries. We let her stay with us and although the beginning was rough we fell in love with her from day one and she had a complete turnaround. She was even honored by her school as turnaround student of the year (see newspaper article here). Unfortunately shortly after her 17th birthday she decided to go back to live with her Dad. She had as much of an impact on us as I hope we had on her. We are now on our 2nd stint as foster parents to our 2 year old grandson while my youngest daughter gets some issues in her life put together.

While Kim works on raising our grandson continues to help our adopted family on a daily basis I sit at my desk and do my best at helping others with their credit issues.


I have been assisting clients with credit, personal, and business finance for over 15 years. I feel that every job I had has prepared me for what I do today, I have additional experience in sales, internet marketing, computer repair, fast food, insurance underwriting, travel agency.


I was like a lot of people. When I was 21 years old I applied for and received just about every credit card I could find, they were all fairly low limits and most were from department stores. I used these cards to furnish my first apartment. Although I did have a job I was almost immediately overextended and right away was living paycheck to paycheck. Eventually I suffered a “life event” and lost my job. My bills immediately went bad and within months I was scared and filed for bankruptcy. i think my total debt was less than $10,000 but I thought it was the end of the world.

After the bankruptcy I vowed to stay away from credit but as life had it I eventually got some more credit cards and amazingly enough lost another job. This time I didn’t file for bankruptcy but instead just let all my bills go and avoided the collection calls.

I never really had a need for credit until of course I wanted to buy a house. As you can imagine i was turned down. The mortgage broker recommended that  fix my credit and recommended a company to me. I signed up with this company and after a few months realized that they weren’t really doing anything for me. I decided to buy some books and do some research. Shortly thereafter I started doing my own disputes.

After a few months my file was now good enough to get a loan, however instead of getting a loan I was learning about various real estate investment tactics and had a properly quitclaimed to me and I took over payments. The investor teaching me also did mortgages and suggested I become a mortgage broker.

I got licensed as a mortgage broker and started helping subprime borrowers (people with credit problems) obtain financing. I had a newly married couple as my first client, when they applied for the loan they initially qualified but a couple of days before closing their score dropped and they were denied the loan. Obviously they were heartbroken and it was that moment that I decided that I would do everything in my power to avoid that happening again.

I started providing credit services to my mortgage clients for free, my thinking was that if I could do something to improve their score then if the score dropped in the last minute the steps I took would offset the drop. It worked, my closing percentage increased.

I did mortgages for several years and offered the credit service as an extra benefit. In 2008 the mortgage market crashed and I decided to offer this full time.


I knew that in order to make a living in this arena I had to learn more. The phrase “I am an avid reader”, doesn’t truly explain how much I actually read. I have over 500 hardcopy books in my office and thousands of ebooks (less than 10 are fiction). I started reading everything I could on the subject of credit. I then started going to seminars, bootcamps, trainings. I basically did everything I could to learn everything I could about this industry.

To this date I still go to a 4 day credit bootcamp every year (95% is duplication, but the 5% is pure gold), I read 10-20 new books per year on the subject, and I test each and every strategy and tactic I find. Although there are people I go to in order to learn things I do not limit myself to the knowledge of just one or two people, I maintain relationships with 20-30 people in the industry and we share ideas and strategies. The people I learn from spend a lot of their time on TV (CNN, MSNBC, etc) and teaching seminars.

My website boasts of having 20-25 tactics and strategies, in reality I actually use closer to 50 advanced tactics to get items removed. I eat, drink, and sleep this industry. I believe that I am the absolute most knowledgeable person who is on the front lines dealing with actual customers on a daily basis.


I have taken my expertise and knowledge of this industry and have developed a new payment model, the pay after deletion model has only been around for a little over a year and most companies will not adopt it. They don’t adopt it because they do not know how to make it work, to make it work you must be able to get deletions. Since I know how to get deletions it is a no brainer for me. It is my goal to bring this industry, albeit kicking and screaming to this payment model. To me it is the best option for both the consumer and the company,

After years of being in this business I wrote my first book which is available to you for free, the purpose of this book is to save you money and headache.

I am one of the first companies to partner with an attorney to help clients enforce their rights under the FDCPA . This helps our clients avoid collection agencies who abuse the consumer


I currently deal with each and every one of my customers personally, I don’t pass people to a customer service representative. Instead of hiring salespeople I hire assistants that can help me do everything that needs to be done with the exception of speaking to the client. I have created automation to help with communication, I am creating informational videos for my clients so I can duplicate myself and my knowledge.

My job is to help you with this situation, and although I earn a living doing it, it is as much about the you and your success as it is about the money.


My wife and I have 10 children who in the coming years have to somehow overcome a life that they did not choose or have any control over. They have to overcome extreme education and language deficiencies (just about all have been left back at least once and a couple don’t know how to read), they have to avoid duplicating the life of their mother. It is our job, my job to teach them how to be honorable, respectful, and trusting adults. The only way we can teach this is by showing them. In order to show them I have to be here on the front lines helping others meet their goals, I have to treat you with honor and respect, I have to earn your trust.

If I can be an example to these children while providing for my family my needs are met.


I promise that I will do my very best to get the job done, i will not lie to you, I will not mislead you, I will always respect you, and I will earn your trust.


I thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me, I look forward to learning about you

If you have questions I am available to answer them for you just call me at the number above. I promise you will not be subject to any high pressure sales tactics.

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