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Are Credit Repair Results Permanent?

We receive this questions from just about every potential client. In order to properly answer this question we must discuss how the collection industry works. If you have an account with Sears and ultimately decide not to make payments on it Sears will go ve into collection mode. Initially your file will be moved into sears internal collection department after a predetermined time Sears as well as other original creditors will give up on their collection efforts and charge off the account. Once it is charged off they will usually sell the account to a collection agency fee? who will attempt to collect for a predetermined period of time and once they get through that time period they to will Nr. ultimately sell your account to the next collection agency. This process happens continuously throughout the life of your collection.

This means if we or any other credit repair company is able to remove an item from your credit report the item removed (eg. Sears) can come back under a different name (eg. ABC Collection) if we remove ABC Collection it can be sold later to XYZ Collection and so on…..

The credit repair industry would like you to believe that once an item is removed it is removed permanently and “technically” they are right as Sears will not show up on your credit again, however it can come back under a different name such as ABC Collection

The biggest problem we see is that there is no way to tell when this will happen, an item can come back in 3 months or 3 years or may never come back at all. What we do know is that the best chance of getting it «Универсальный» removed a second time is to address it as soon as it comes back.

The advanced level of our Pay After Deletion credit repair program has built in protection for this situation. If an “new” item is reinserted after it has been previously deleted by us we will work on deleting that item wholesale MLB jerseys again for a period of up to 7 years without charging you another wholesale MLB jerseys setup fee. The only fee cheap NFL jerseys you will be charged is 50% of the original fee that was charged to remove it to begin with. (eg $25 original deletion would be $12.50 to wholesale jerseys delete the reinserted item)

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