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Book Highlights

In an effort to help you avoid being scammed I put as much information as I could think of in my book. That of course can be both a good and bad thing. This book is 54 pages long and in this day and age it is next to impossible to find time to read that much no matter how important it is.

This article is intended to highlight some of the more important areas to focus on when you are trying to avoid being scammed by credit repair companies.


The number one thing you can do to avoid being scammed is to make sure you work with a company that is 100% CROA compliant. CROA is the Federal law that governs our industry and was specifically developed to protect consumers from scammers. Unfortunately a very large portion of the people in this industry are not CROA Compliant

Some main factors in CROA

  • CROA Compliant companies accept fees only after work is completed, this includes setup fees
  • CROA Compliant companies will never promise or imply specific score, deletion, or time results
  • CROA Compliant companies will always provide you with federally mandated disclosures


The next thing you can do to avoid losing money is to work with a company that knows what they are doing. Due to the ease of entry into this industry many people who don’t know what they are doing can and will start offering this service overnight. You need to understand the differences between experienced and non experienced companies
  • Companies with experience will use many strategies and tactics to remove items from your reports
  • Companies that are very successful at removing items know that they have to dispute with the bureaus, original creditors, collection agencies, and third parties


The next thing you can do to make sure you are working with a good company is to try to determine the companies primary motivation. Obviously every company is in this business to earn a living but they should also be motivated by your success.

  • Are they focused on getting deletions for you? are they selling you a letter writing service or results?
  • Do they limit the number of items they dispute? Are they doing this for your benefit or is it stretching out the time you will be with them?

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