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What is my FICO score, what about my other 49 scores?

What is my FICO score, what about my other 49 scores? People ask me daily why their scores don’t match what the lenders have, this article does a great job at explaining this. What To Know About Your 49 Different Credit Scores – Business Insider “Time to debunk another credit score myth: You have only one number to worry about. ... Read More »

What to do after we fix your credit?

What does great credit looks like? Once your Pay After Deletion credit repair is complete your next goal should be getting stellar credit They carry 7 credit cards However, only 4 will have balances They have less than $8,500 in debt, not including mortgages They carry less than 7% debt to limit ratios They rarely open new accounts 6 Things ... Read More »

Does the number of accounts you have open on your credit report affect your credit score?

There is no limitation as to the number of accounts you should have on your credit report, most lenders want you to have a minimum of 3-5 total credit accounts. Credit accounts could be revolving, installment, auto, or mortgage type accounts. We recommend having 3 revolving, 1 installment, 1 auto, and 1 mortgage. If you want more there won’t be ... Read More »

Credit Reports – Where you order them from is important

As part of our initial process you are required to provide us with access to your credit reports. You do this using a credit monitoring service. Although we will work with any credit monitoring service you have there are several features and benefits that must be available and some features and benefits we just prefer. Required The company you are ... Read More »

Credit Report Analysis – Why is it legally required?

Credit Report Analysis – Why is it Legally Required? Credit Report Analysis Did you know that the Credit Repair Organizations Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act forbid credit repair organizations, attorneys, and consumers from disputing items that are accurate, timely, and verifiable? This Is Why We Need a Credit Report Analysis As it is impossible for an attorney, a credit ... Read More »

Credit Report Codes – Why You Need To Understand Them

Even some of the best credit repair specialists don’t understand how to use Credit Report Codes Credit Report Codes (aka “reason codes” or “key factors”) are provided by the credit bureaus with every credit report that includes a score, However many people either don’t know that they are there or don’t understand how to use them. Credit Report Codes Provide ... Read More »

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