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How your baby’s name could affect their credit in the future?

Cultural Bias? Not! Okay, first off this is not an article about cultural bias towards different names. This is a story of how the credit bureaus computer systems currently work and something as simple as a name can affect the accuracy of your child’s credit report in the future as well as affect the ease at which items are able ... Read More »

CBS “60 Minutes” Investigates The Credit Reporting Industry

CBS “60 Minutes” Investigates The Credit Reporting Industry FTC Chairman Leibowitz says legitimate credit repair firms are an alternative for consumers Today, the National Association of Credit Services Organizations (NACSO), the leading trade association for the professional credit repair industry, released the following statement regarding the “60 Minutes” investigation into the haphazard errors of credit reporting agencies: “While there should be nothing ... Read More »

Federal regulators look into credit reporting issues

A Federal Trade Commission study of the credit reporting industry found that one in five consumers had errors on one of their three major credit reports.  In some of those cases, such mistakes could possibly lead to them paying more for products such as auto loans and insurance. Sen. McCaskill told regulators she will ask them look into the “marketing schemes” for ... Read More »

Missouri woman struggles to correct false report

Credit scores seek to summarize an individual’s financial behavior and distill that identity into the credit reports on relatively innocent Americans whose scores are marred by errors in reporting. As an example, McCaskill cited the plight of Brenda F. Campbell, 56, of Nixa, Mo. – a city just south of Springfield – whose credit report was marred by mistaken links ... Read More »

Credit Bureaus Blame Credit Repair for Delays in Addressing Errors

Sen. McCaskill contradicts Pratt: “I can’t believe you’re clogged up from the credit repair agencies.” Stuart Pratt, head of the Consumer Data Industry Association, which represents credit reporting firms said it’s credit repair businesses that account for 17-20% of incoming volume with repetitive letters and eventually an item may be deleted. (Recently, before the Senate Banking Committee Pratt said credit ... Read More »

Senators bash credit reporting firms for errors hurting consumers

Every time a consumer applies for a mortgage or car loan – and, in many cases, signs up to rent an apartment or applies for a new job – a major factor in the decision to accept or reject the application is their credit report. But one recent study estimated that one or more of the credit reports for one ... Read More »

We Do Get Complaints

I received an email from a client this morning, was my response wrong? Email from client: I am beginning to question the value of any ongoing work.  You don’t seem to respond to emails and there hasn’t been any improvement in months. What’s going on ? My Response: It does take us more than 15 minutes to review and handle ... Read More »

About This Company

So far I have shared with you the highlights of my book, gave you everything you need to know about the industry we are in and the product we sell, I shared some info about myself and now I want to tell you about my company. I am sharing this information because I think it is important that you know ... Read More »

Book Highlights

In an effort to help you avoid being scammed I put as much information as I could think of in my book. That of course can be both a good and bad thing. This book is 54 pages long and in this day and age it is next to impossible to find time to read that much no matter how ... Read More »

Is Credit Repair Still Legal?

I speak to many people everyday and one of the first questions usually asked is whether or not what we do is legal and whether or not it works. Nobody wants to purchase a service that is illegal or doesn’t work. WHY DOES THIS INDUSTRY SEEM SO SHADY? This industry does have a way to make used car salesman and ... Read More »

Steps needed to properly rebuild your credit

The problem with rebuilding your credit once you have bad credit is that nobody seem to want to provide you with the credit you need to rebuild. This is a catch 22, In our pay after deletion program we will show you how to rebuild your credit one step at a time. Our goal is to be able to get ... Read More »

How does the mix of credit affect your credit score?

The mix of credit affects you score because the banks want to know that you can handle various types of debt, if all you have are secured accounts like cars and mortgages you may have issues paying on an unsecured item like a credit card. We recommend having 3 revolving, 1 installment, 1 auto, and 1 mortgage loan on your ... Read More »

Why are you not rated with the Better Business Bureau?

The BBB is not really a consumer protection agency and accepts funds from companies in order to maintain an “A” grade. Although we don’t pay to be graded by the BBB we are shown. As you can see we have NO complaints Many recent national reports show the better business bureau is involved in a “pay for play” scam, meaning ... Read More »

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