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Credit Reports – Where you order them from is important

As part of our initial process you are required to provide us with access to your credit reports. You do this using a credit monitoring service. Although we will work with any credit monitoring service you have there are several features and benefits that must be available and some features and benefits we just prefer.


  • The company you are using for credit monitoring and the service you subscribe to must allow monthly access to all 3 credit reports. Many services will allow you to update only one credit report on a monthly basis, if they have all 3 available they will charge extra for it. You can choose a service that charges extra for it but you must request a new report monthly as we will not automatically do it
  • All three bureaus must be combined into one report, some people have monitoring setup for each bureau individually and although that’s great for monitoring purposes it will hinder our ability to work on your file efficiently
  • You cannot use a mortgage broker report, a report mailed to you by a credit bureau or any other one time report. You must have a credit monitoring subscription


  • We would like to have the ability to update your 3 credit bureaus without the need for an additional fee each time “” currently allow updates at no additional charge
  • We would like to have a credit report that has the addresses of each creditor on your file “” – We maintain our own database of creditor addresses
  • Credit scores presented should be similar to “real” scores – Most services except show similar scores


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