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This section is for people wanting to ENROLL only, If you are seeking more information please review the rest of the site, click the contact us button or call the phone number above.

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Click on any of the below services to enroll in credit monitoring before you start the enrollment process

CheckIt.Credit – $21.99 mo (qualifies for rebate)

IdentityIQ – $21.99 mo


WELCOME: Thank you for trusting us with your credit repair project. We WILL take great care of you!

To enroll we must get certain information from you in order for the credit bureaus to accept the letters we mail out

  • Signed Agreements – Credit Repair is highly regulated and we are required to provide agreements & disclosures to our clients
  • Basic Info (Name, Address, etc)
  • Initial Payment Info for $149 First Work/Setup (Only Payment Methods are Check, Check By Phone or Mail a Payment so you may need your checking account info. We do not accept credit/debit cards as merchant accounts don’t like to work with credit repair companies
  • Credit Monitoring Info (We need access to credit reports throughout project)
  • Identifying Documentation Instructions (What & How To Send Photo ID & Proof Of Address to us)

Our software will walk you though these steps

NOTE: Fees are as follows:

$149 Setup/First Work Fee
$25 Technical Data Deletions Per Item Per Bureau (Old/Outdated Names/Addresses/Etc)
$35 Standard Deletions Per Item Per Bureau (All negative items including inquiries excluding public records)
$10 Bankruptcy Deletion Per Item Per Bureau (includes paid or unpaid)

NOTE: Expectations:

It is illegal for a credit repair company to guarantee or estimate any specific results, scores, or time frames. We DO NOT guarantee ANY specific results, deletions, scores, and/or time frames as we do not have any direct access or control over your credit reporting. Any result samples or estimations provided are based on past results. Past Performance Does Not A Guarantee Future Results.

If you feel that our representative has mislead you in any way with regards to expectations please let us know as we strive to be 100% compliant and do not authorize any representative to make any misleading statements for any reason.

Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

Why Don't You Accept Credit Cards?

Credit repair companies are considered a “Prohibited Business” on most merchant/payment account agreements including places like paypal, venmo, cash app etc. This is because most companies charge monthly and after several months don’t see the results they were promised at which time they dispute the charges they paid using their credit card. Although we don’t charge monthly we have yet been able to obtain an exception from any merchant processor without paying exorbitant fees that ultimately get passed on to our clients . Due to this fact we are unable to accept credit cards at this time.


We are sorry for any inconvenience.
Why do I need credit monitoring?

You must have credit monitoring in place in order for us to be able to determine what initially needs to be done on your credit report and it also provides us with ongoing updates to allow us to determine results we have achieved.

Can I choose my own credit monitoring service?

The quick answer is YES, However the best options would be to use the services required for our new credit repair service which has extra benefits including the use of advanced tactics.

If you want to use a different monitoring service we can use most credit monitoring services that are out there, however whichever service you choose must meet the following requirements….

– Must show all 3 credit bureaus using 1 login
– Must allow us to update at least once per month.
– Must not be directly accessible from inside some other financial service (we do not want your bank or credit card logins in order to access your credit report)

Why do you need my ID Documents?

The credit bureaus when reviewing letters we send to them want to make sure they are dealing with the right person. They want to protect your data and be sure someone else is not trying to access it without your knowledge. If we try to dispute without sending this info there is a good chance they will ignore it, many times if they find the documentation inadequate they will send a letter to you for additional proof of who you are.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes, from start to finish we do everything in our power to make sure your personal info remains safe.

  • We use secured and encrypted servers when gathering your personal info.
  • We shred any and all hard copy or printout of documents that contain private information.
  •  Your data is compartmentalized so info that is not needed by certain employees are not available to them (ie. Only individuals in financial department need access to your payment info, data entry people do not)
Are you breaking the law by charging an initial fee?

We are not as the fee itself is not due or processed until we complete “First Work” on your file

In accordance with CROA (Credit Repair Organizations Act) your initial fee will not be due or processed until AFTER we have completed “First Work” on your file.

Completed “First Work” is defined as follows;
– Your personal information provided is entered into our backoffice and an access to the back office is emailed to you and/or
– Your initial credit report is pulled and reviewed by your credit counselor and/or
– The data from your credit report is entered into our back office and/or
– Your ID Documentation is analyzed, accepted, and/or added to our backoffice system and/or

– Your initial round of letters are created

Although we request the information needed during the enrollment process it is not required as we do not process any payments until AFTER “First Work”, If you do not provide payment info during enrollment we will still proceed with the “First Work” needed for your file. 

Will you take payments out of my account automatically?

When you fill out our payment form we will only take out your first work payment, any payments due in the future for deletions will not be automatically processed. Instead what we do is send you an invoice, place your file on a temporary hold, and wait until you have a chance to review your report, verify the results, and authorize a payment. Only after you have authorized a payment will we actually process any payments. This is the same even if you never call us back.