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How is pay after deletion different from other credit repair companies?

Our pay after deletion program is different than other credit repair companies in several different ways

Pay For Results Business Model

Most credit repair companies either charge you entirely upfront for their services or charge a setup fee plus a monthly fee. These 2 business models have nothing to do with results and therefore removes any incentive from a company to do a good job. Our pay after deletion program has been specifically setup to ensure that we will ALWAYS have an incentive to do our best. The better we do the more we get paid. Since we know that we will earn more money if we do a better job we have a great reason to make sure that we not only do a good job but we also know that if we continue to learn new advanced tactics we will ultimately be compensated for our time as well. The more we continue to learn about credit repair the better results we will have and the more we will be compensated.

Advanced Tactics

We currently employ over 20 different credit repair tactics to remove negative items from a clients credit report. Most companies do not use these tactics because they either don’t know how to do them or they just can’t justify the expense associated with the tactic. Since we get paid based on the actual deletions we can justify spending extra time and money to obtain results

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