How To Get A Mortgage With Bad Credit




When you read this 15 page report you will learn the following……

What are you able to do today? (Page 4)
Learn about the 5 C’s that lenders use to determine if you qualify (Pages 4-7)
Learn how you can control what the lenders see when evaluating the 5 C’s (Pages 7-11)
Find out how have a great credit score may not be enough (Page 4)
Learn about some of the other credit related guidelines that most people ignore until its too late (Pages 4, 8-10)
How to determine if you can qualify on your own or if you will need a coborrower (Page 5)
Learn how much “cash in hand” you will need in order to close your loan (Page 6)
How does the amount of open and active credit lines affects your ability to qualify (Page 8)
What is considered a “qualifying credit line” (Page 8)
How to avoid some common “Gotcha’s” that can delay your closing for over a year (Page 8)
Learn how conditional approvals can be denials in disguise (Page 9)
How you can avoid self sabotage (Page 9)

Plus Much Much More…

Why are reserves and seasoning important?
Learn why sometimes all of your income won’t be counted towards qualifying ratio’s
Why knowing about “breadwinners” is important
What are compensating factors and how can they help?
Why seeking an “FHA Manual Underwriter” is preferable
The secret to making sure your current rent payments won’t mess you up.
Why it is important to avoid credit repair at certain points in the process
Dealing with bankruptcies, judgments, and tax liens when qualifying for a home
How lenders view medical bills
How to qualify for the best rate possible
How to qualify for the highest purchase price possible
What to avoid when you are in escrow
Learn about your REAL credit score
What is Payment Shock and how it can derail you
How do lenders view student loans, even if they are in deferment

All this info crammed into just 15 pages, don’t lose out on real insider information on how you can qualify for a mortgage in less than a year even if you have bad credit today.