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Is Credit Repair Legal?

We get this question fairly often so i wanted to address it in this section.

The concept known as credit repair is when an individual or an organization works at enforcing various consumer protection laws including but not limited to the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If an organization is providing the service they are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission using the laws found in the Credit Repair Organizations Act.

If credit repair was illegal there would be no laws regulating the entire industry.

Many people feel that it is illegal based on various news stories highlighting the negatives of the industry, most of the places against credit repair will tell you not to hire a credit repair company because you can do credit repair by yourself. This is true, you can do credit repair yourself, you can also change the transmission on your car yourself as well. Credit repair organizations much like auto mechanics provide a service that people don’t want to do themselves, obviously some people will fix their own cars just like some people will fix their own credit.

Credit repair is a legal and government regulated industry and providing the service is legal, just like any other industry there will be people that don’t completely obey the laws


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