Thursday , November 26 2020
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Is there a guarantee?

At the time of this writing we are one of the only companies that offer the client the option of paying after they see results, since you are not paying for the deletions until AFTER you see actual results there is no need to guarantee funds paid for each deletion, if you don’t get deletions you won’t have a bill. However we still have people who ask us for a guarantee because they are paying the $99 setup fee.

We will provide a 100% money back guarantee based on the following.

If after 9 months we do not remove or correct at least 4 items from your credit report we will return your $99 setup fee


  • We must have continued access to your updated 3 bureau credit report via an approved online credit monitoring service
  • You must have provided us with all necessary documentation (Driver’s License, SS Card, and Updated Proof of Address)
  • All payments must be current and up to date without any returned or bounced checks
  • You must request refund at end of month 9

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