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Steps needed to properly rebuild your credit

The problem with rebuilding your credit once you have bad credit is that nobody seem to want to provide you with the credit you need to rebuild. This is a catch 22, In our pay after deletion program we will show you how to rebuild your credit one step at a time. Our goal is to be able to get ... Read More »

How does the mix of credit affect your credit score?

The mix of credit affects you score because the banks want to know that you can handle various types of debt, if all you have are secured accounts like cars and mortgages you may have issues paying on an unsecured item like a credit card. We recommend having 3 revolving, 1 installment, 1 auto, and 1 mortgage loan on your ... Read More »

Does the number of accounts you have open on your credit report affect your credit score?

There is no limitation as to the number of accounts you should have on your credit report, most lenders want you to have a minimum of 3-5 total credit accounts. Credit accounts could be revolving, installment, auto, or mortgage type accounts. We recommend having 3 revolving, 1 installment, 1 auto, and 1 mortgage. If you want more there won’t be ... Read More »

Credit Reports – Where you order them from is important

As part of our initial process you are required to provide us with access to your credit reports. You do this using a credit monitoring service. Although we will work with any credit monitoring service you have there are several features and benefits that must be available and some features and benefits we just prefer. Required The company you are ... Read More »

Credit Report Analysis – Why is it legally required?

Credit Report Analysis – Why is it Legally Required? Credit Report Analysis Did you know that the Credit Repair Organizations Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act forbid credit repair organizations, attorneys, and consumers from disputing items that are accurate, timely, and verifiable? This Is Why We Need a Credit Report Analysis As it is impossible for an attorney, a credit ... Read More »

Credit Report Codes – Why You Need To Understand Them

Even some of the best credit repair specialists don’t understand how to use Credit Report Codes Credit Report Codes (aka “reason codes” or “key factors”) are provided by the credit bureaus with every credit report that includes a score, However many people either don’t know that they are there or don’t understand how to use them. Credit Report Codes Provide ... Read More »

Why don’t you accept credit cards?

We used to accept credit cards until the bulk of the merchant account processing companies (visa/mastercard) decided that they were not going to allow credit repair companies to process payments any longer. It is our belief that due to the fact that we dispute credit card accounts that the financial industry wanted to do something to push credit repair out ... Read More »

Is my personal information safe?

This is a question that most people don’t think about. We have several security protocols in place to protect your personal data Our office is pretty much paperless all items are stored digitally on 128 bit password protected computers Access to computers is limited to employees only If we receive any paper items we scan it into our computers and ... Read More »

Can I get my credit repaired faster?

There are occasional advanced tactics that allow us and others to repair credit very quickly, the most recent tactic was something called CreditSweep. The credit sweep tactic allowed us to remove EVERY negative item on a credit report almost 80% of the time within 30 days. This tactic’s effectiveness has been greatly reduced since it first came out. We are ... Read More »

Why are you not rated with the Better Business Bureau?

The BBB is not really a consumer protection agency and accepts funds from companies in order to maintain an “A” grade. Although we don’t pay to be graded by the BBB we are shown. As you can see we have NO complaints Many recent national reports show the better business bureau is involved in a “pay for play” scam, meaning ... Read More »

Do you process payments automatically?

One of our pet peeves is when a company processes a payment by check or credit card automatically on a regular basis! Our clients will many times have an outstanding invoice and we will have their checking account information in file. Even though we have this information we do not and will not assume that moneys are available in that ... Read More »

Is there a guarantee?

At the time of this writing we are one of the only companies that offer the client the option of paying after they see results, since you are not paying for the deletions until AFTER you see actual results there is no need to guarantee funds paid for each deletion, if you don’t get deletions you won’t have a bill. ... Read More »

What happens if my invoice is too high?

One of the biggest fears we hear from our clients is that they are afraid that their invoice will be too high if we remove a bunch of items in one month. Due to the fact that we are very aggressive and we use advanced tactics this happen quite often. Our pay after deletion program includes a payment plan option. ... Read More »

Is Credit Repair Legal?

We get this question fairly often so i wanted to address it in this section. The concept known as credit repair is when an individual or an organization works at enforcing various consumer protection laws including but not limited to the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If an organization is providing the service they are ... Read More »

Can you delete an item that is mine?

Federal law says that in order for a negative item to be on your credit report it must meet THREE very specific pieces of criteria; CRITERIA ONE – Items shown on your credit report must be “100% True” – This means the account in question must be yours, it is illegal for a credit bureau to report something on your ... Read More »

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