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Can you delete public records such as judgments, bankruptcies, and tax liens?

The law states that for a credit bureau to place an item on your credit report it must be 100% true, 100% accurate, and 100% verifiable. Credit repair companies use this law as the foundation of credit repair. Public records notations on your credit report must be 100% true, 100% accurate, and 100% verifiable in order to be on your ... Read More »

What happens when a previously deleted item comes back on my credit report?

When and if a previously deleted item comes back on your credit report it must be addressed immediately. If you are enrolled in our advanced program we will work on these reinsertions for a period of up to 7 years without charging you another setup fee. All you have to do is call us and we will begin working on ... Read More »

Do you have any samples of your work?

We actually have years of samples but they are in our filing cabinets, we are however in the process of putting these items on a website so people can view them The site we just put up a short time ago is . This site will house all of the samples that we have available and we will continue ... Read More »

Why am I charged per item per credit bureau?

When we initially put this program together we were going to charge $75 per item but decided that it wasn’t fair that people who only had an item reporting to one credit bureau had to pay the same $75 as someone who had the item reporting to all three bureaus so we decided to break it down to a per ... Read More »

How much will this pay after deletion program cost me?

Due to the unique aspect of everyone’s credit file the overall pricing for each person will be different. However if you have more items deleted than someone else you will pay more than them and if you have less deletions than someone else you will pay less. This is the beauty of our pay after deletion program, people who have ... Read More »

How is pay after deletion different from other credit repair companies?

Our pay after deletion program is different than other credit repair companies in several different ways Pay For Results Business Model Most credit repair companies either charge you entirely upfront for their services or charge a setup fee plus a monthly fee. These 2 business models have nothing to do with results and therefore removes any incentive from a company ... Read More »

Do you limit the disputes when working on my credit file?

Many credit repair companies will only work on 3-4 disputes max at any one time, the reason Results they give you is that they don’t want to raise a red flag on your file by disputing everything. The real reason is that they cheap jerseys are wholesale mlb jerseys probable getting paid monthly and if they disputed everything monthly they ... Read More »

What kind of results can I expect in a pay after deletion program?

Most companies in the credit repair industry have a success cheap nfl jerseys rate below 50%, this Results means that in a period of 6 months most companies will only see a deletion rate of  less than 50%. Due cheap jerseys to the fact that we use over 20 different advanced credit repair tactics and we are paid only cheap ... Read More »

Are Credit Repair Results Permanent?

We receive this questions from just about every potential client. In order to properly answer this question we must discuss how the collection industry works. If you have an account with Sears and ultimately decide not to make payments on it Sears will go ve into collection mode. Initially your file will be moved into sears internal collection department after ... Read More »

If I’m enrolled in a pay after deletion credit repair program why is there an initial fee?

Although we have done our best to keep this initial fee Zusammenfassung as low as possible we do charge world! a fee for initial setup, review and audit of your file. We have Has found that once someone invests money into their credit repair project the chances cheap mlb jerseys of their success improve by over 80%. We believe that ... Read More »

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