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Pay After Deletion Credit Repair Testimonials

As you can imagine obtaining testimonials can be very difficult, especially in the credit repair arena as many times the testimonial is an admission that one had some credit issues in the past. I just want to give my heartfelt thanks to each and every person below who not only took their time to provide a testimonial but also allowed us to use their name.
Video Testimonials 
Below are some of our proudest moments, we especially like when our work has allowed someone to get a fresh start on life
Robert Hicks
Jovon T
Michel G.
Joe Williams
William Pinero
Edith Matias
Imran Rahman
Scott Marks
 Grady Freeman
Stacy Phelps
Abd’al Hakim Ali
Melony Hickok
Loretta Oshields
David Ho
LinkedIn Recommendations
You can view our LinkedIn profile to see REAL recommendations from REAL people, we have put some of the recommendations below. To confirm these and/or to see others please visit me on Linkedin and send me an invitation request.
Customer Service Group Chief at OPM

Danny takes great pride in his work and has a passion regarding his line of work. He works on behalf of any customer tirelessly and he brings that same commitment and focus to the people he works with. Danny can be trusted and he delivers on his promises. I would consider him for whatever business need you have.

Nick Toporiste

Senior Marketing Consultant at SEP Connect

I Hired Danny to fix my credit which was rittled with negative trade-lines. a little over a year ago my score was around 545 FICO today its 741! I just bought a brand new car for my wife on my credit alone 2 weeks ago! The best part was it cost me less than $500 and he only charged as he removed the bad trade-line. Thanks Danny

Stacy PHelps

Stacy PHelps
President at Anastasias Fine Furnishing, Inc…

Danny is Honest and forthright about the services offered by his company. He listens to his customers needs and values them. He understands the importance of credit ratings and has a fulproof way in recieving positive results. I would hire Danny again and definitely recommend him again and again.

Muhammad Abdullah

Muhammad Abdullah
President & CFO, of Auriga Financial Group and Board Member of Auriga Financial Group

Working with Danny is truly a breath of fresh air, he stands by his work and his quality of work speaks loudly.


HRIS / Project Manager


Author, Speaker, Self Empowerment & Internet Marketing Expert

Danny is an excellent individual who really cares about helping you and is a genius when it comes to his work. He tells you like it is and follows through with what he says he’s going to do, which is a breath of fresh air.

Danny, thank you for all your help and guidance over the years!


Robert Lefcort
Robert Lefcort
Helping small business owners obtain new Business credit and funding.

Very experienced and dedicated to helping others. Danny has been extremely helpful, and I would strongly recommend him to others.


Joshua Ulery, CHFM, CHSP, CHESP
Joshua Ulery, CHFM, CHSP, CHESP
Director of Engineering / Plant Operations

I hired Danny about 45 days ago to address some issues on my credit report. Utilizing his pay after deletion program, I was happy to know I was only going to pay if he could get results. He was able to produce the desired results I needed in a very short amount of time exceeding my expectations. Danny did for me in 45 days what other firms couldn’t do for me in a year of…more


Bill Kephart
Bill Kephart
Owner, Land O Lakes Handyman

Danny knows his stuff about credit repair, he helped me remove a couple of nagging items and has been a continued source of knowledge

March 29, 2011, Bill was Danny’s client

Testimonial Interviews
We interview willing clients for 6-7 minutes asking them about everything from how they decided to use us, how their service was “after the sale” and what they think about the results they have received
Credit Bureau and Creditor Responses 
We will sometimes create a video collage showing different letters our clients have received from the credit bureaus and creditors highlighting various deletions
  • Coming Soon
Invoices and Checks
Video Collage Showing Invoices and Checks – Invoices are only created when we have results and checks only come in when people are satisfied with the results
  • Coming Soon
In an effort to consolidate our testimonials and proof of deletions we have created another website specifically for these types of items, please visit our Credit Repair Samples site

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