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Our Mission Statement

Be Honest, Set Proper Expectations, Treat People Like Adults, Return ALL Calls, Understand Peoples Fears, Don’t Sugar Coat, Realize People May Make Financial Decision Due To What You Say, Do Honest Work For Honest Pay


I feel this section is one of the most important sections of my website, it allows you the consumer to get a small idea about the company you may be choosing to work with.

Danny Garcia The Person

I am Danny Garcia and I run this company with the help of 3 wonderful employees. I am the face and voice of the company as I am the only one who ever speaks to prospects or clients. My employees all handle the backend stuff while I man the phones and some of the tasks implemented throughout the process.

I am 54 years old, happily married for 19 years to my wonderful wife Kim. I have 2 grown girls and a 7 year old son named Jaxen. He has been with us since 10 months old while in foster care, the adoption was finalized when he was 3.


Danny & Kim Garcia

This is one of our better pictures, it is however about 10 years old now. I run the business while Kim takes care of Jaxen and I. Along with our 2 dogs Maddie and Jax

We are a Christian family and love the Lord, however, we are far from perfect and probably sin daily. We love all people and want to do our best to help anyone we can.

We also have a very close extended/adopted family who have adopted us as well. We are aunt and uncle to 9 children who we met 13 years ago when we provided foster care for the 2nd youngest when he was born. Donell stayed with us for 7 months before being united with his mom. Ever since we have been very close to all of his mom as well as all his brothers and sisters, some of whom have grown up to have their own kids who also call us uncle and auntee. We do what we can to be role models for all these kids and be there when they need us. They visit us frequently and many times will stay with us during various school breaks.

My wife Kim works as a stay at home mom taking care of me and homeschooling our son.

Danny Garcia’s Experience

I have been assisting clients with credit, personal and business finance for over 20 years. My first foray into the financial world was as a mortgage broker in 2000, I got into the mortgage business because of my knowledge of credit repair which I’ll get into in a minute. I would help mortgage prospects fix their credit so I can then help them get a mortgage loan. I also did a lot of mortgage work for real estate investors who started hiring me to help fix their tenants credit so they could flip houses to their tenants who were on rent to own programs. In 2008 due to the mortgage market crash I started doing credit repair on a full time basis. Throughout my time in these industries I also delved into other markets, some related like CPN Numbers, Tradelines, Creditsweeps, UCC Filings, Business Credit, Aged Corps, and some that have my company and companies of my clients like Internet Marketing, Business Coaching, and Web Development.

How Did I Get Here?

When I was young I was like a lot of people, I applied and received just about any card I could find. Although they were low limits I had a lot of credit cards and most were from department stores. I used these cards to furnish my first apartment and although I did have a job I was almost immediately “over extended” and right away like 63% of us was living “paycheck to paycheck”. Eventually I like most people experienced what I now call a “Life Event” and lost my job. My bills almost immediately went bad and I started to get collection calls. Soon after out of fear I filed for bankruptcy. I was 23 years old and already bankrupt. I think my total debt was probably around $7,000 but to me it was the end of the world.

After the bankruptcy I vowed to stay away from credit but ultimately couldn’t resist the urge and eventually got some more credit cards that I of course eventually defaulted on because….you guessed it another “life event” of being laid off. However I was older now and no longer afraid and just ignored the phone calls instead of filing bankruptcy. I decided I didn’t really need credit anyway.

This changed sometime in 1998 when I had a job that paid really good money and I was flush with cash. i was tired of renting and wanted to buy a house. I went to a mortgage broker and was told I needed to get my credit fixed before I could proceed no matter what I put down. I purchased some books to show me how to do it but found it confusing and decided to hire a company to do it for me.

After several months I realized this credit repair company wasn’t working out, I got a copy of the letters that I needed to sign and mail out. When reviewing these letters I realized what they were writing didn’t seem complicated at all. As a matter of fact the letters being sent were very similar to what I saw in the books. I decided at that point to do my own credit repair.

Several months later I went back to the mortgage company and was now able to qualify for a house based on my credit but was denied for some other reason having to do with time on the job. The broker I was speaking to asked me how I improved my score. I told him I just did my own credit repair. he suggested I get my mortgage license and work for him. I could specialize in the sub-prime market.

In 2000 I got my brokers license and started marketing to people who had bad credit and started closing deals. I would fix my clients credit so they could qualify for a loan through me. It was slow but it worked. Eventually I grew the mortgage company to a staff of about 8 people and later started to specialize in offering Investor Loans.

In 2008 the mortgage market crashed and investor loans were one of the first to fall. One of the investors I worked with asked me to work with him in a credit repair company. He would finance everything to get it started and we would split the income 50/50. I would manage credit repair and he would do business credit. He knew I was good at credit repair and thought we could make some money. I agreed and worked with him doing credit repair full time.

How Do I Learn?

I have a thirst for knowledge, I read everything related to credit repair and the various credit repair laws I can get my hands on or download (I’m one of the few non-lawyers that have a mini law library in my home), I purchase products from other professionals in this field, I discuss tactics and strategies with my peers, Instead of listening to music in the background I’m listening to youtube videos and podcasts throughout the day. I seek out everything new, I listen to clients and their ideas.

I do this because I MUST. You see, I’m in a very unique position. If I stop getting deletions I stop getting paid. If I learn a new tactic that actually works then I get paid BIG, Imagine if I had 50 clients with a repo on their credit reports and I get an email that someone is selling a Repo Removal Tactic online for $500, I jump on it because if i can delete a repo from 50 clients at $35 each I earn $1,750 per bureau plus any future clients that have a repo to be removed. For me it pays well to invest in myself. The competition doesn’t do this, they get paid even if they don’t get deletions, many use the same tired old recycled letters they started out with years ago.

How I Am Changing The Industry

On January 5th 2011 I received a call from a client who was upset with the process and us as a company. The client had been with us for 4 months and claimed that they hadn’t seen any results yet. I discussed this with the client as I had now done with hundreds of clients before him and asked him to let me do some research and call him back in an hour. I reviewed his file and called him back. It looked like he started with us with about 20 negative items on his credit report, as of that day he had 8 items, this means that in 4 months we were able to delete 12 negative items or 60% of his negatives which in my mind was pretty good.

He still had 8 items left and more importantly (especially to him) was that his score had only gone up about 5 points per credit bureau and he still couldn’t qualify for a car loan that he wanted. Upon further research while I was on the phone with him we noticed a few anomalies. He had opened a starter credit card since we started and it was his ONLY credit card, this card had 3 months of perfect payment history however it had a $400 credit limit and his balance on the report was $360. So even though we had deleted several items his score showed very minimal improvement because of how he was handling his credit.

I explained this to him and luckily he had understood, however this process took me a little over an hour to get through and I easily got about 10 calls a week from clients that were disappointed, worried, upset, and even mad and nine out of ten times the result was we had a lot of deletions but the score didn’t move or the score did move but not enough or they didn’t see anything being deleted at all.

I realized that day that I needed to figure out a way to encourage customers to look at their reports each month to see what actually happened on their file, however I also understood the fear and worry that people were paying monthly and may have lost confidence that I was actually doing any work. Of course they would be mad at me, I’m getting money in my bank account monthly and they have no idea if I’m even sending letters on their behalf.

I saw some business in another industry offer to do work for a client but wait until after work was completed to the clients satisfaction before they would get a bill and decided that I could do the same thing. At the time there were NO companies offering a Pay After Deletion® type service in credit repair so I purchased the domain and have been offering Pay After Deletion® Credit Repair exclusively ever since.

There since have been a few companies that have attempted to copy me, however they all seem to fail, there are only a couple now that offer it and those that do usually stop after a few months when they realize they can’t get deletions and can’t get paid. These companies still market it but they try to switch the client to monthly once they are on the phone trying to claim monthly will be cheaper in the long run. Other will charge very high setup fees with very low per item deleted fees because their real goal is to get as much money upfront as possible as they can’t delete anything either.

It is my hope that one day all credit repair companies would be required to do business using the Pay After Deletion® business model.

Until then we will just have to spread the word by telling our friends and family and sharing info about our credit repair affiliate program which allows people to earn a fee whenever someone they refer to us enrolls