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Testimonial Interview With Stephanie

We interview willing clients for 6-7 minutes asking them about everything from how they decided to use us, how their service was “after the sale” and what they think about the results they have received..




Danny:   Please tell us for the record your first name and the city you live in.

Stephanie:   Stephanie, I live in Chicago Heights, Illinois.

Danny:   Many people don’t believe recordings like this are accurate.  Have I asked or tried to persuade you in any way to lie or exaggerate in any way during today’s     interview?

Stephanie:   Not at all.

Danny:   Many people are referred to us by others.  Were you referred to us by someone or did you just find us online?

Stephanie:   Through a referral

Danny:  People usually generate a first impression when they see our website or when they talk to us.  What was your first impression of us?

Stephanie:   It looked professional, and to the referral that it came through, I’m sure that it would exactly referred to me that it    would do.  After looking at the website, I was pretty much sold.

Danny:  Many people are worried about calling a company because of high pressure sales tactics.  At any time during our initial discussions, did you ever feel that we were trying to sell you using any high pressure sales tactics?

Stephanie:  No, not at all. More so, you’re trying to help me rather than sell.

Danny:  Sometimes, people hear exaggerations and false promises during the initial call.  Do you recall anything that I said that was in your opinion, exaggerated or could be considered a false promise?

Stephanie:  No.

Danny:  Do you feel that we explained our expected results the right way when we said that our average client can expect to see a 75% deletion rate in the first 6 to 9 months, and then 1 to 2 deletions per month after that?

Stephanie: Yes, it was exactly that.

Danny:  Have you ever used another credit repair company in the past?

Stephanie:  No, I have not. This is my first.

Danny:  What did you think about the concept of Pay After Deletion? Especially compared to other companies’ payment options?

Stephanie:  That’s what sold me.

 Danny:  What ultimately caused you to choose our services in lieu of anyone else’s?

Stephanie:  Basically, the Pay After Deletion was the number one thing. That tells you right there that you are capable of doing what you said you are going to do. Or you don’t get paid! I had to go with that one.

Danny:  According to our records, it looks like you signed up a little less than 2 months ago, is this accurate?

Stephanie: Yes, it is.

Danny:   Many people see a dramatic drop in customer service such as returned calls once they signed up for a service like ours.  After you signed up, have you had any issues getting in contact with us or getting your questions answered?

Stephanie:  No, the customer service was another thing that I was impressed with because I have been calling in you, and immediately, you are returning the call within minutes. And this was two months later and you were still doing the same thing. So yes, the customer service was great.

 Danny:  According to our record, it looks like we started with about a total of about 30 negatives and/or technical derogatories, 13 for Equifax, 16 for Experian and 1 for Transunion. Does that sound about right?

Stephanie: Yes sir, it does.

Danny:  According to our records, it looks like you got 8 negative items, including 2 tax liens and 2 pieces of technical data for a total of 10 items off your report in the fisrt cycle. Is this correct?

Stephanie: Yes sir, it is.

 Danny:  Were these results more or less than you expected in the first cycle?

Stephanie:  More than I expected!

Danny:  Any reason why?

Stephanie:  Well, this is a timeframe where you have to wait for the other person to respond. So, I wasn’t sure on how long it will take the other individual to respond to your request. I wasn’t exactly sure.  It was a lot more than I expected and I am happy with that.

Danny:  Once you received an invoice for the items we removed, did you feel that we provided enough options to allow you to pay your invoice and continue working on your project in a timely manner?

Stephanie:  Most definitely.

Danny:   Have you told or will you tell any of your friends or family about the service?

Stephanie:  It’s already been told. [Laughs].  It’s been told to like, everyone.

 Danny:  Do you feel like you made the right decision by choosing our Pay After Deletion Service?

Stephanie:  Yes, I do.

 Danny:  If you could tell someone who is trying to make a decision after listening to this interview, what would you tell them?

Stephanie:  I would tell them to, as I’ve already said, to immediately look at the website and give you a call, and discuss whatever their needs are, if you can accommodate them. Which I’m sure you can.

Danny:  Do you have anything else you would like to add?

Stephanie:  Thank you.

Danny:  You’re welcome.

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