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We Do Get Complaints

I received an email from a client this morning, was my response wrong?

Email from client: I am beginning to question the value of any ongoing work.  You don’t seem to respond to emails and there hasn’t been any improvement in months. What’s going on ?

My Response: It does take us more than 15 minutes to review and handle emails. Your first email on this subject was sent to us on Wednesday (Yesterday) at 4:46PM and this email saying that we don’t respond to emails came in at 8:09AM (Today), if in the future you need a faster answer please feel free to call as we prioritize returning calls ahead of emails.

With regards to the value of the service

You mention no improvement for months, however we have invoiced you for every round of letters we have sent out which means we have gotten some deletions every cycle

I just did the review of your file for this cycle and there are 3 more items we deleted, you should get invoice for that soon

Your 1st credit report with us showed 26 Derogatory Accounts and 17 Public Records
Your Latest Credit Report Shows 5 Derogatory Accounts and 4 Public Records

We explain to all clients that we expect to see a deletion rate of 75% within the first 6-9 months and then 1-2 items per month thereafter. (6-9 months assumes 6-9 rounds of letters)

Although the time has been a little over a year we have only gone through 7 of the 9 rounds of letters and we are close to the 75% mark and we are still getting items deleted. I don’t see that we have yet to have a round where nothing has come off.

I am not sure why you are not seeing value in our service especially since I have been so flexible on the payments. To date we have created invoices of $2,624 and you have paid a total of $849, so far this year you have only made payments of $200 towards your invoices, since August of last year only $500.

Sir, I am just like you, I work for a living and have feelings, I try to help others and get upset when I’m being told that what I am doing has no value

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