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What happens if my invoice is too high?

One of the biggest fears we hear from our clients is that they are afraid that their invoice will be too high if we remove a bunch of items in one month. Due to the fact that we are very aggressive and we use advanced tactics this happen quite often. Our pay after deletion program includes a payment plan option.

If you receive an invoice that is more than expected or just doesn’t fit into your budget just call and let us know. We will work with you to break the payments down into something manageable. If you stick to your payment plan we will continue to work on your file with no interruption.

We know and understand that we are all living in a very tough economy and our clients ultimate goal is to finally straighten out their credit situation, it will do you and us no good if we were not flexible with our invoicing. If we remove a bunch of items and then you decide you can’t afford your bill and decide to cancel services you will be out the money you already paid and we will be out a good client. We feel presenting this payment option upfront allows us all the ability to address a potentially uncomfortable situation and gives our valuable clients peace of mind


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