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What to do after we fix your credit?

What does great credit looks like? Once your Pay After Deletion credit repair is complete your next goal should be getting stellar credit

  1. They carry 7 credit cards
  2. However, only 4 will have balances
  3. They have less than $8,500 in debt, not including mortgages
  4. They carry less than 7% debt to limit ratios
  5. They rarely open new accounts

Pay After Deletion What to do after we fix your credit?

6 Things People With Stellar Credit Scores Won't Tell You

"As credit expert John Ulzheimer notes, it's also perfectly possible to generate a high FICO score without any revolving debt at all. And for those with less-than-stellar records, there's some good news. FICO is planning on altering how it calculates …Business Insider"


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