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Pay After Deletion® and Pay Per Deletion Programs have been proven to be the overall cheapest option for credit repair available to consumers.

We have been changing the industry and offering credit repair services on a Pay After Deletion basis since 2010.

2010: We Revolutionized the Credit Repair Industry with the Launch of "Pay After Deletion®"

We revolutionized the credit repair sector with the launch and trademark of our Pay After Deletion Credit Repair program. Since its introduction, this program has set the benchmark for performance-based credit repair. It empowers consumers by enabling them to bypass monthly fees, allowing them to pay only when items are successfully removed from their credit reports.

2023: Pro-active stance against credit bureaus alleged disregarding of dispute letters.

In response to claims that credit bureaus were overlooking correspondence, we proactively revised our process to ensure that both credit bureaus and credit data furnishers could not disregard our clients' letters. We also aimed to expedite any deletions by adopting several changes recommended by legal experts. The key elements of these modifications included sharing all correspondence with our clients and ensuring every letter was sent via certified mail. According to our legal advisors, these adjustments significantly increased the likelihood of a thorough investigation. Despite the clear benefits, the broader industry has yet to adopt these innovations, continuing to secure guaranteed monthly fees even in cases where investigation requests are neglected.

Clear and Fair Credit Repair Pricing

Fast Pay After Deletion Credit Repair Timer

Standard Pay After Deletion®

First Work Fees

$199 One Time Fee


Per Deletion Fees

$35 Per Item Per Bureau



- Once enrolled we analyze credit report to find errors

- We create dispute letters based on those errors

- We create and assemble dispute letters

- We email you dispute letters with mailing instructions

- You mail all letters via certified mail

- We wait 35-45 days from date certified mail is signed

- We updated credit report and review results

- We bill for each verified deletion obtained

- Once paid we repeat the process

- If nothing deleted then no charge

This Process is Repeated with Letters to bureaus and Creditors Until Everything is Deleted

Fast Pay After Deletion Credit Repair Timer

"Jumpstart" Pay After Deletion Program

First Work Fees
$799 One time Fee


Per Deletion Fees

$35 Per Item Per Bureau



- Once enrolled we submit reports to 3rd party paralegal service

- They analyze reports

- They create and assemble dispute letters

- They mail all letters via priority mail

- They wait 45 days from date mailed

- You provide us with any responses received

- They review results

- We bill for each verified deletion obtained

- Once paid we continue for any remaining items

- If nothing deleted then no deletion fees charged

This Process is Repeated for 3 cycles, after 3 cycles anything remaining is added to our standard program

We reserve the right to remove this program at anytime

There are minimal 3rd party expenses that you will have to pay for throughout the process for credit monitoring, certified mail, printing, packaging, etc.

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